We provide comprehensive support to business entities. For example, our Clients may count on our assistance in:

  • creating business entities, also in any proceedings before the National Court Register
  • re-registering and winding up business entities
  • bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings
  • cases before any court and administrative authorities
  • business negotiations
  • preparing contracts, contract drafts, articles of associations and terms & conditions
  • analysing the liability of members of corporate governing bodies
  • the ongoing activities of the entity – regular advice
  • preparing, analysing and negotiating contracts


Working with tax advisors, our Firm has broad experience in cases before tax authorities. We offer tax consulting for businesses and natural persons. In terms of tax-related assistance, the Firm in particular:

  • optimises tax liabilities
  • provides tax and accounting advice
  • provides assistance connected with tax audits and proceedings
  • represents entities before any judicial, tax and administrative authorities
  • provides tax consulting related to the transformation of business entities
  • analyses the tax strategy of an enterprise and adapts it to development plans and to the current political and business situation


The Firm provides legal assistance in the area of civil law, under a broad definition of the term. In this respect, we primarily:

  • represent, natural persons, legal persons and other organisational units before common courts at all levels
  • draft pleadings
  • give legal advice
  • analyse, draft and examine contracts
  • prepare legal opinions
  • advise and represent our Clients in disputes arising out of contracts
    draft appeals


The Firm is also highly experienced in managing family cases, whether in or out of court. In terms of family law, we provide services involving, for instance, advice and representation in cases related to:

  • divorces and separations
  • parental rights, guardianship and custody
  • wrongful removal of a child
  • incapacitation
  • alimony
  • contacts with a child
  • establishment/denial of paternity


The Firm offers professional and comprehensive legal assistance in petty offence and criminal offence cases (including criminal tax offences). We also provide legal support to those aggrieved by, arrested for, suspected of and accused of a crime.
In particular, our team gives legal assistance and represents its Clients in court, in pre-trial proceedings and during any steps taken by state authorities (also during arrest or pre-trial detention). The Firm takes early action at the beginning of the proceedings to ensure effective defence at the trial stage.