Our Firm

Our Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance for both natural persons and businesses. We handle not only business cases arising from disputes between entrepreneurs, but also registration, administrative and labour law cases. Our experience includes civil (including inheritance-related) and family cases.

We offer top-level services, individual our approach to the Client, commitment and professionalism.
Our comprehensive services range from legal advice and drafting of notices and legal opinions to regular legal assistance and representation before common courts at all levels, as well as before public administration bodies.
Check our detailed offering and do not hesitate to contact us.


Tax consultancy

Our Firm has been providing law consultancy services for years. We are often contacted by Clients whose problems fall within the scope of not only civil or commercial law but also tax law. They are not always aware of the tax consequences of their decisions.

Our services include company audits for legal issues and for tax legislation issues, legal advice, legal opinions and representation in tax-related proceedings.



The fee for our services is established on a case-by-case basis, depending on the scope of tasks, the complexities of the case and the likely workload. In principle, the fee may be established according to two basic settlement systems:

  • lump-sum fee (the fee is an amount established in advance),
  • hourly rate fee (the fee is charged per hour so the final amount depends on the time devoted to the task).
    In specific cases the fee may be paid in instalments.
    In certain types of cases it is possible to agree on a success bonus – additional consideration only payable if the outcome of the case is successful.
    Furthermore, if you sign an agreement for regular legal services, the monthly fee for the task to be performed may be established according to:
  • an hourly rate system (the monthly fee depends only on the number of hours worked in a given month and on the hourly rate agreed in advance),
  • a lump-sum system (the monthly fee is the same every month, as agreed beforehand, notwithstanding the workload in a given month),
  • a mixed system (a monthly flat-rate fee agreed in advance for the number of hours to be worked in a given month, determined on a case-by-case basis, and if additional works must be undertaken, the additional fee is based on a previously defined hourly rate).


As the Firm keeps growing, we are open to junior attorneys who wish to gain professional experience and to complete the internship required under the pupillage programme. We also have a student internship programme in place.
We look forward to working with law students who seek to gain the necessary experience while still studying. We are particularly interested in students interested in commercial law, business law, civil law, property law and procedural law.
Those who wish to work with us or complete an internship programme at our Firm are welcome to send their resumes and cover letters to:


We reserves the right to only reply to selected applications.