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and individual clients



About us

The law firm Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Agnieszki Drożdż offers comprehensive legal assistance for businesses and natural persons. We manage civil and criminal proceedings for our Clients at all stages, specialising in particular in civil and criminal law, as well as tax law and criminal tax law. Our Clients can count on our professionalism, commitment and reliability – we work according to the highest standards, based on knowledge and experience.
The Firm represents its Clients in court proceedings, prepares legal opinions, drafts contracts and performs general legal services for enterprises all across the country. We work closely with notaries, debt collectors, accountants, tax advisors and certified auditors, thus giving our Clients access to comprehensive legal support as needed. Our assistance is available in Polish and English.


The Firm has extensive experience in legal support for businesses. The wide range of our services includes, but is not limited to, providing tax advice, preparing draft contracts, creating and re-registering business entities and representing them before the registration authorities, and representing entrepreneurs in any court cases, administrative court cases, criminal tax cases, bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings and before tax authorities. We also make due diligence reports.
Our services for businesses are comprehensive and they include tax consulting. We work with accounting specialists, certified auditors and tax advisors, thus providing you with full service in one place.



The current abundance of applicable laws, their level of detail and the frequency with which they change are undoubtedly a challenge for anyone facing a legal problem. We are often unaware of how many aspects of our lives are governed by the law. Considering this, any decisions that may have legal consequences should be made with prudence.

Using legal assistance, whether in the form of legal consultations or legal representation in a particular case, saves your time and, which is of primary importance, prevents the negative consequences of decisions being made without being fully aware of the laws in force. Besides, let's not forget about the tax consequences of legal transactions, which may be very severe. It is of tremendous importance to not only swiftly navigate the regulations governing a particular sphere of life but also to know how they are connected with tax legislation. As a consequence, in many cases, the assistance of a tax law expert proves to be indispensable as well.



According to the experience of attorneys-at-law and tax consultants, many people seek professional legal assistance too rarely and too late. After all, the best way to avoid any trouble arising from the complexities of the law is to prevent it. This, however, is only possible if you consult an attorney-at-law or a tax consultant early enough.

The optimum solution is to visit our Firm before you sign an important contract, make a serious investment or file a suit. This way you will learn about the possible solutions to your problem and about the consequences of your intended actions. Decisions made based on a legal opinion will be well analysed, and their results will not cause you surprise.


We provide legal assistance to natural persons and businesses, in matters connected with their professional activities and in their private affairs, such as inheritance, divorce or the division of property.

It is our intention to popularise the idea of seeking the support of an attorney-at-law. Access to legal services is becoming increasingly easy. We strongly encourage you to use our services – making both private and professional decisions without consulting an attorney may have irreversible consequences.